Five Comfortable Types Of Fancy Sarees

It is impossible to express the beauty and elegance of nine yards in words. A saree is the traditional and most loved outfit for women. It can be either an ethnic drape, or a loose piece made of cloth with small patterns. There are many options for sarees in different styles, fabrics and materials. All over the globe, Indian women love to wear sarees on special occasions. It is first woven with fine threads from fine fabrics with the utmost perfection. Finally, beautiful patterns are added to the final product. Different regions in India produce sarees made with different fabrics and designs. You can find sarees that are specifically designed and woven for certain occasions. You will find the perfect saree for any occasion. Women today are very busy and do not have the time or energy to tie a saree each day at work.

A saree requires a lot of work and is considered a hassle by women. Most women, and fashionistas, prefer to wear sarees only when they are out with friends. Even though Indians still wear sarees on traditional occasions, they are increasingly becoming less practical. Innovations are also occurring in the sarees realm to solve this problem. Modern sarees in light colors and lightweight fabrics are available in pastel to suit every occasion. Party wear sarees, however, are being re-invented. These are five styles to consider Fascinating sarees

Types Of Fancy

Faux Georgette Sarees

These sarees have a light weight but are beautiful. These sarees can be worn and carried easily. These sarees are made of silks or highly twisted yarns. They are available in solid and printed colors. Modern designers and weavers have created fake georgette, it is a more affordable option to traditional sarees.

Art Silks

Art silks can be considered traditional but also trendy. Although they look just like natural silk, art silks are actually a synthetic fiber. They are much cheaper to produce. They are available in many styles and colors. Art silks are the best choice for modern Indian women who want to combine tradition and style.

Crepe Sarees

It is a fabric made from synthetic fibers or sheep wool. It has a distinctive crisp appearance and crimped appearance. These sarees are suitable for all occasions, but women wear them best in summer as party wear.

Chiffon Sarees

The lightweight Chiffon sarees make it very easy for women to carry. It is a lightweight, sheer fabric. There are many chiffon sarees available. Choose the one that suits your needs.


Winter sarees made of Lycra are perfect for you. This fabric is a combination of spandex and silk. A saree is the best way to make an Indian woman more beautiful and elegant. Wear a saree to every occasion, and you will increase your quotient of glamour.